Yukiko Kudo

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Japanese name: 工藤 有希子
(Kudou Yukiko)
English name: Vivian Kudo
Age: 37

Yusaku Kudo (husband)

Shinichi Kudo (son)

Nicknames: The Night Baroness
Aliases: Yukiko Fujimine (maiden name)
Fumiyo Edogawa
Fumiyo Akechi
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Dark blue
First appearance: Manga: Chapter 49
Anime: Episode 43
Appearances: Chapters: 55
Episodes: 29
Movies: 1
OVAs: 3
Openings: 7
Closings: 1
Keyhole number: Volume 14
Japanese voice: Sumi Shimamoto
English voice: Laurie Steele

Yukiko Kudo (工藤 有希子 ,Kudou Yukiko) is the mother of Shinichi Kudo and, along with her husband Yusaku, one of few characters who knows he is Conan Edogawa. She was once a famous actress, but retired after marrying Yusaku. She was also close friends with fellow actress, Sharon Vineyard, both being excellent masters of disguise.

Background Edit

Yukiko was born in the Tosa Province (today's Kochi Prefecture, located in the southern portion of Shikoku), and became a fan of Sakamoto Ryoma after having played the part of his older sister Otome in a historical drama. (This role also made her internationally famous as a talented actress.)

Despite her then-tender years as a student at Teitan High, Yukiko had a prospectively prosperous future in the film industry. Thus it came as a major surprise to the world when, practically out of the blue, she married Yusaku Kudo and retired from acting. She still retains good contacts in the acting and film industry, however, and has since become known as the "Night Baroness" (named after one of her husband's characters) after babbling out some clues provided by Yusaku on a live television show which helped solve a criminal case.

During her acting years, Yukiko went to a famous stage magician and disguise artist to learn the finer arts of disguise for a role she was preparing to play. There she met another actress who would become one of her closest friends, Sharon Vineyard. Until Sharon's (supposed) death, the two women stayed in touch, and Yukiko even attended her funeral, but her appearance was overshadowed by a small scandal involving Sharon's 'daughter', Chris Vineyard. Yukiko has since learned from her son about Chris/Sharon's secret life, a revelation which troubles her deeply.

Despite a certain rivalry for popularity in their high school years, which had culminated in a Miss Teitan Election, Yukiko is also a close friend of Eri Kisaki, and (unlike Eri) finds her daughter Ran Mouri, a perfect match for her son.


Despite her adult age, Yukiko still behaves like a teenager. She is bubbly, overconfident and attention-seeking, and prefers to stand in the lime-light (literally) whenever possible. She is an extremely reckless driver and very sensitive about her age: Whenever her son dares to call her "oba-chan" in Japanese (in English, the closest equivalent would be "aunt"), she sets up such a furious face that Shinichi must quickly correct himself by calling her "one-chan" ("older sister").

However, despite her faults, Yukiko is extremely loyal and cares for both her husband and her son (though a heavy streak of mischief causes her to often tease Shinichi). Her loyalty extends to her friends, as she thinks nothing of flying across the Pacific to help a friend from elementary school. She takes pride in being an excellent actress and a mistress of disguise, able to fool even close friends and family with her skills.

Plot overviewEdit

Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case (Manga: 049-050 and 051, Anime: 043)Edit

Yukiko first appearance was disguised as Fumiyo (Fanny in the Funimation Dub) Edogawa, a woman claiming to be Conan's mom.

The Cornered Famous Detective! Two Big Murder Cases (Manga: 131-138, Anime: 96)Edit

After having a quarrel with her husband, Yukiko secretly returned to Japan. She then meets Ran and Conan in front of her house. She successfully covered for Conan who Ran suspected at that time. In the Manga she gives the explanation that Conan is "the nephew of the grandfather of the cousin of the daughter of the brother of my uncle," which produces a family tree showing that Conan is Yukiko's fictitious uncle once removed.


Holmes Revelation (Manga: 743 - 747, Anime 616 - 621)Edit

Yukiko is the mysterious woman who Conan thought was Hade's accomplice. She has been secretly helping Ran and Kogoro by giving them clues which Yusaku has already figured out. 

Bell Train arc (Manga: 818-824, Anime: 701-704)Edit

Yukiko turns out to be the lady who had been visiting Subaru Okiya at the Kudo house. On the Bell Tree express, with Conan and Okiya's help, she foiled Bourbon and Vermouth's plans to capture and kill Shiho Miyano respectively while also tricking the Black Organization (except for Vermouth) into thinking Sherry died. Her part of the plan involved removing Haibara from danger when she tried to run away, and then challenging Vermouth in order to draw her attention. Yukiko then kept Vermouth occupied, so that she was unaware that she was being tricked until it was too late. At the same time, Yukiko also extracted a promise from Vermouth that she would truly give up on trying to kill Sherry.


Scarlet revelation arc (Manga chapter 894-898, Anime episode 781-783) Edit

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It was revealed that Yukiko had been teaching FBI member Shuichi Akai to disguise himself as Okiya Subaru and cooking skills as well, and has been dropping in to check on him from time to time ever since.

Sakura Memories (chapitres Manga 921-924, épisodes Anime (853-854) Edit

Yukiko amène la jeune Shinichi à l'école maternelle et découverte que fréquente la même école maternelle. Edit

Plot expositionEdit

List of disguises usedEdit

Yukiko prefers relatively simple female disguises. These are the known ones used so far.

Name originEdit

The name Yukiko Fujimine (藤峰) name comes from Lupin III character Fujiko Mine and actress Yukiko Nikaido (the original voice of Fujiko). Her alias, Fumiyo (文代), comes from Fumiyo Akechi, wife of Edogawa Rampo's Kogoro Akechi.



Hey, you may be looking at my future daughter-in-law.

— Referring to Ran, Episode 286

There's only two reasons for a girl to look at a boy like that: he has something on his face or she likes him.

— Talking to Conan about Haibara, Episode 335

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