Tomoaki Araide

275px-Tomoaki Araide Profile

Japanese name: 新出 智明
(Araide Tomoaki)
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Relatives: Yoshiteru Araide (father, deceased)
Chiaki Araide (mother, deceased)
Yoko Araide (stepmother)
Mitsu Araide (grandmother)
First appearance: Manga: Chapter 234
Anime: Episode 170

Episodes: 17

OVAs: 1 

Openings:  2

Keyhole number: Volume 24
Japanese voice: Hideyuki Hori

Tomoaki Araide (新出 智明 ,Araide Tomoaki) is a character in the anime and manga franchise Detective Conan. He is a physician, and in his first appearance, thought to be a suitor for Ran's affections.

Background Edit

Tomoaki Araide is the son of Kogoro Mouri's physician, Yoshiteru Araide, and also on occasion the basketball coach and school medic at Teitan High, the school Shinichi, Ran and Sonoko attended. Tomoaki had studied at the University of Tokyo; during this time, he had treated a young woman named Hikaru Yasumoto, whom he later hired as a housekeeper.

When Yoshiteru Araide invited Kogoro Mouri, his daughter Ran and Conan to dinner in his house, Conan noticed that Ran was paying a lot of unusual attention on Araide. The sojourn, however, quickly turned into a murder case as Yoshiteru Araide was found electrocuted in his bathtub. The murderer turned out to be Yoko Araide, Araide's wife and Tomoaki's stepmother, who had avenged the suicide of her dear friend Chiaki (Tomoaki's mother) over her husband's extramarital affairs four years previously. And as it turned out, Ran's attention on Tomoaki was in fact directed at the sweater he was wearing, of which she subsequently made two copies both for her father and Shinichi, who came to wear it still being Conan.

Vermouth as Dr. Araide Edit

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Although he had been offered a position at a clinic in Aomori, Tomoaki stayed on and maintained his late father's practise. However, it was later learned that his identity had been usurped by Sharon Vineyard, as a disguise to track down Ai Haibara. Jodie Starling discovered this, which resulted in Araide and his family being rescued just as Vineyard attempted to kill them in order to cover her tracks and eventually leading to Vineyard to stop disguising herself as Dr. Araide. Dr. Araide returned to Japan after Vineyard had been exposed, and continues to practise in the Baika area ever since.

Personality Edit

Dr. Araide is a very kind character and doctor, always lending a hand whenever he is needed, including helping out in Wataru Takagi's love life. He tends to believe in the good of man and thus can be a bit too trusting at times.

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