Episode 573-574


Title: The Whereabouts of the Embarrasing Charm
Japanese Title: 恥ずかしいお守りの行方
(Hazukashii Omamori no Yukae)
Original airdate: May 15, 2010 (Part 1)
May 22, 2010 (Part 2)
Season: 19
Manga source: Volume : Files

Conan Edogawa

Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Heiji Hattori
Kazuha Toyama
Wataru Takagi
Juzo Megure
Case solved by:

Conan Edogawa and Heiji Hattori

Next Conan's Hint: Glass
Technical Director:
Animation Director:



Part 1Edit

After returning to Detective Mouri's agency, Heiji asks them to help find Teruaki Kunisue, a sophomore at Teitan University who Heiji accidentally gave Kazuha's lucky charm to. They all head to Teitan University the next day only to find out that he has not been attending classes due to a broken wrist. Ran learns from Kazuha that she left a photo of Heiji in it and does not want Heiji to find out about the charm's contents. Later, Ran, Conan, Heiji, and Kazuha, go to a sports parlor where Teruaki was last spotted only to discover from the police that Teruaki has been assaulted by an unknown assailant. They are able to narrow down the suspects to three people since they were not in the bar-room during the time of the attack.

Part 2Edit

Conan and Heiji interrogate the three suspects to learn that they respectively attended a sumo match, a volleyball game, and a soccer game. Conan and Heiji deduce that Teruaki attended a baseball game and that one of the suspects must have also attended the same game. Conan and Heiji realize that the soccer game fan, Takuya Kyuma, had been using baseball terms to describe a soccer game meaning he is the culprit. They reveal that Kyuma attacked Teruaki for a baseball he got from a home run and reveal that the baseball is in his popcorn bag. Kyuma confesses and reveals his recently deceased girlfriend's wish was to receive a baseball hit from a home run. At the hospital, Teruaki decides to give Kyuma the baseball and drop the charges after hearing his story. Teruaki apologizes to Kazuha and tells her Heiji has her charm. Heiji finds the picture has been doodled on and misunderstands Kazuha's feelings for him and enrages him.


Watch Edit

The Whereabouts of the Embarrasing Charm Part 111:16

The Whereabouts of the Embarrasing Charm Part 1

The Whereabouts of the Embarrasing Charm Part 213:29

The Whereabouts of the Embarrasing Charm Part 2

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