The Wandering Red Butterfly

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Series name: The Wandering Red Butterfly
Appearance: Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories
Pages: 6

The Wandering Red Butterfly (第8話/サンデー19Show-さまよえる赤い蝶) is a short story manga written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. It where later been dubbed during Conan's populairity but the characters where been changed as Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo. Parents of the detective Shin'ichi Kudo.

Summary Edit

It where all started with a unnamed detective later known as Yuu. What happening is is that he's getting a strange phonecall wic left over is the wondering red butterfly. Yuu must gonna find the mysterious caller wich he make a detective research of it. later what happens is that he's still wondering about the red butterfly. Chou means three things, Butterfly, Listen, Super. Later he chooses the last one and evenly starts to think about what's super on it, he listen clearly to the Wondering Red Butterfly and remembers but the fourth flower from you and later he knows that it is Superman 4. Well finally arrived there maybe the girlfriend of Yuu is waiting for him and evenly she says that he must gonna stop, but he evenly go on further and call hisself evenly a great detective but as sorry, he where never been called for a real case.

Appearanced in the Media Edit

Allongside as the other short stories, this where also been dubbed into anime when the rank of Aoyama where high by Detective Conan. In the anime series they where using Yusaku and Yukiko, the farther of mother of Aoyama's maybe last work Detective Conan. But in the manga only one name is been mentioned and that is of that detective.