Episode  597-598
275px-TV Episode 597-598
Title: The Scenario of the Steaming Locked Room
Japanese Title: 湯煙密室のシナリオ (Yukemuri Misshitsu no Shinario)
Original airdate: November 27, 2010 (Part 1) December 4, 2010 (Part 2)
Season: 19
Manga source: Volume 69: Files 4-6 (722-724)

Conan Edogawa

Professor Agasa
Ai Haibara 
Detective Boys
Jugo Yokomizo
Case solved by:

Professor Agasa  (via Conan )

Next Conan's Hint: Ring (Part 1)Automatic ticket box (Part 2)
Director: Koujin Ochi
Organizer: Shigenori Kageyama
Storyboard: Shigenori Kageyama
Technical Director: Kouichirou Kuroda

Akira Yoshimura

Animation Director: 597 Michitaka Yamamoto,Masashi Hasegawa

598 Nobuyuki Iwai



Part 1Edit

Professor Agasa takes the Detective Boys with him to an onsen (warm spring) to fix a product the propietor purchased from him. At the onsen, the kids are introduced to four cast members filming a drama about a hitman. Since the bath is crowded, the kids decide to bathe in the early morning. As they head to the bath, Haibara and Ayumi discover the Ganji Tetsuyama, the scriptwriter, inside the bath's women section, dead.

The police arrive and conclude that Tetsuyama slipped on a bar of soap and hit his head on the rocks. Conan reveals it was a murder, and points out that water on the victim's body reveals that the culprit washed something off and deduces it to be blood. The police assume the culprit waited at the veranda for the victim before committing the murder and begin searching for people entering the sauna without alibis; the suspects are the three other cast members.

Part 2Edit

As the police continue their investigation, they discover a plastic tea bottle filled with water in the dressing room, match cinders floating on the water, and Tetsuyama's silver-gemed ring. It is also revealed that all the suspects have been seen in the hotel after the sauna was closed disproving their previous theory.


Conan uses his voice-changing bowtie to impersonate Agasa, and reveals that the one waiting on the veranda was Tetsuyama, and the Tetsuyama spotted heading to the sauna was the culprit, Junsaku Tanzawa, in disguise. Conan explains Tanzawa tricked the lecherous Tetsuyama into staying in the women's sauna all night in order to see the naked Mishio Natori taking a bath; this is evidenced by

Tumblr mffatvqLoS1refnego3 250
the bottle in the dressing room which Tetsuyama used to stay hydrated, and the match cinders used to smoke his pipe.

As evidence towards Tanzawa as the culprit, Conan reveals that he was completely engrossed in pretending to be Tetsuyama that he took the latter's silver ring without noticing - and that the ring was stained by the sulphur in the bath's hot steam, proving that the murder has been committed inside the bath. Also, the fact that he would barge into the women section of the bath, with certain knowledge that there were "only" two little girls and no adult woman inside, reveals that he must have known more than he wanted to show.

Tanzawa confesses and laments how Tetsuyama denied him of his prided role in the drama because he was afraid of being overshadowed as a script writer. Later, Conan has Agasa inspect an irritation at his behind. Haibara appears and reveals that she placed chili pepper in Conan's underwear in order to catch him in an exposed position, as revenge for seeing her and Ayumi - if only by accident - naked and uncautiously making off-hand comments about it afterwards.





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