The Eleventh Striker



Japanese title:

名探偵コナン 11人目のストライカー
(Meitantei Konan Juuichininme no Sutoraikā)

Original airdate:

April 14, 2012


Conan Edogawa

Ran Mouri

Kogoro Mouri

Shinichi Kudo

Sonoko Suzuki

Professor Agasa

Ai Haibara

Detective Boys

Inspector Megure

Ninzaburo Shiratori

Miwako Sato

Wataru Takagi

Detective Chiba

Misao Yamamura

Hideo Akagi
Naoki Uemura
Ryusuke Higo
Azusa Enomoto
Yoko Okino


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Next movie: Private Eye in the Distant Sea

The Eleventh Striker is the 16th movie in the Detective Conan franchise. It was released in Japan on April 14, 2012.



Kogoro's detective agency receives a mysterious phone call. Someone on the other end warns about a bomb and leaves behind a code, "The Boy in Blue and The Blue Zebra, the rain from above ..." After that, a car exploded in front of Mouri Detective Agency.

If Conan can decipher the riddle, he can stop the bomb. An adventure begins for Conan and the Detective Boys, taking place at a soccer match between Hideo Akagi of the Tokyo Spirits and Ryusuke Higo of Big Osaka.


The true culprit is Kazumasa Nakaoka. His motive is revenge for the death of Tomofumi Motoura, son of soccer coach, Keiichirou Motoura. Back when he was still able to play soccer, he met Tomofumi and the two became friends when Tomofumi begged to learn soccer from Kazumasa. Despite having a weak body, Tomofumi insisted on learnig to play the game which deeply moved Kazumasa. However, after Kazumasa's bike accident, which left him injured and unable to play, the two lost contact. A few years later when Tomofumi was in the 4th grade, the two met again with Tomofumi playing on his school's soccer team. Despite making it onto the soccer team however, Tomofumi never participated in any of the games because of his weak body. When he was given the chance to play during a game, Nakaoka made him a promise that the two would celebrate if Tomofumi made a goal, which he managed to do. On the day that Nakaoka went to celebrate with Tomofumi, he was told by his mother that Tomofumi had died in an accident coming home from practice one afternoon. This left him deeply distraught and upon learning from Tomofumi's father that the ambulance that was carrying Tomofumi to the hospital was stopped by a mob of people during a soccer match, Kazumasa grew bitter and resentful. Especially so after learning that a drunk Kogoro was the head of that very mob, at which point he decides to spend the next few years plotting revenge. In one of his riddles, he reveals he's searching for an 11th striker that can end his revenge; otherwise, the bombs set in each of the stadiums will detonate, taking with them, the thousands of people attending the matches. He originally plans for it to be Kogoro however Conan shows up instead after deciphering the code. With the help of Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta and Haibara, Conan manages to deactivate the bomb despite being at a disadvantage.




The Eleventh Striker01:50:22

The Eleventh Striker



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