Episode 699-700


Title: The Crisis Beckoned by the Red Omen The Suggestion of Black Thirteen 

The Black Time Limit Drawing Near  The Red Shaking Target

Japanese Title: 危機呼ぶ赤い前兆 (Kiki Yobu Akai Ōmen) 

黒き13の暗示  (Kuroki Juu-san no Sajesuto)  迫る黒の刻限  (Semaru Kuro no Taimurimitto)  赤く揺れる照準  (Akaku Yureru Taagetto)

Original airdate: June 26, 2010 (The Crisis Beckoned by the Red Omen) July 3, 2010 (The Suggestion of Black Thirteen) 

July 10, 2010 (The Black Time Limit Drawing Near)  July 17, 2010 (The Red Shaking Target)

Season: 19
Manga source: Volume 67: Files 3-8 (699-704)

Conan Edogawa

Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Jodie Starling
Andre Camel
Masumi Sera
Scar Akai
Subaru Okiya
Detective Boys
Hideo Akagi
Ryusuke Higo
James Black

Hayamichi Yonezumi, Chouzou Usagi, and Takeya Iwakuma

Case solved by:

Conan Edogawa and Kogorou Mouri

Next Conan's Hint: Receipt (The Crisis Beckoned by the Red Omen)T-shirt (The Suggestion of Black Thirteen)

Lipstick (The Black Time Limit Drawing Near) Strawberry (The Red Shaking Target)

Director: Koujin Ochi
Organizer: 578 Seiki Taichuu

579 Seiki Taichuu 580 Hatsuki Tsuji 581 Hatsuki Tsuji

Storyboard: 578 Seiki Taichuu

579 Seiki Taichuu 580 Hatsuki Tsuji 581 Hatsuki Tsuji

Technical Director: 578 Akira Yoshimura

579 Kouichirou Kuroda 580 Fumiharu Kamanaka 581 Minoru Tozawa

Animation Director: 578 Seiji MutaNobuyuki Iwai

579 Michitaka Yamamoto 580 Nobuyuki IwaiTomomi Kamiya 581 Chiemi Hironaka

The Crisis Beckoned by the Red Omen consists of two separate mysteries over four episodes (578-581) and six chapters (699-704).


Tomorrow is ThereEdit


The Detective Boys run into a strange man named Kyozo Daita who invites them to a cake shop after stopping a thief for him. While talking with him, Conan notices the man is acting strangely. 


That night, the Detective Boys confront him and reveal they deduced he planned to make his suicide look like an accident in order to get money from the insurance to pay for his grand daughter's surgery; Evidenced from the inconsistency conversation they had before. Daita confesses and reveals that after losing a winning lottery ticket, he contemplated suicide. Conan reveals that he must have kept the lottery ticket in the case containing his reading glasses after reading the winning numbers from the newspaper. Daita, happy to have the money for the surgery, jokingly tells the Detective Boys he also thought of robbing a bank causing the Detective Boys to reply they saw a man suiting Shuichi Akai's description.

Hint of Red and Thirteen Edit


The man explains he was knocked unconscious in the bathroom and found himself like that. He explains the bomber told him that if anyone leaves the floor or calls the police, the bomber will detonate the bombs in the building. He discloses the bomber's demands, to find the sender of thirteen red shirts. The next day, Kogoro receives an anonymous request to investigate a case involving red shirts with long sleeves. The mysterious caller requests to
meet them on the third floor of a department store. At the store, the three then run into a man who explains he has been strapped with bombs.

Meanwhile, Jodie has been searching for evidence of Akai in the department store. While Conan and Kogoro investigate, Conan discovers from the receipt that the shirts were bought on different days but always at 12:28 and that there are creases on the thirteen red shirts.

Conan arranges the red shirts in the order they were sent and folds them along the creases and deduces that the way the shirts are position reveal a code. Elsewhere, Jodie discovers that Scar Akai is on the floor where the bomb is. Conan uses the cashier room's computer in order to search for a disaster that occurred in a snowy mountain on December 28. At the same time, the Black Organization waits outside the department store with snipers waiting for Akai. Gin holds a gun to Kir's head threatening that if Akai is alive, he will kill her.


Okiya, who happens to be on the same floor, examines the red shirt and concludes the sender is related to a disaster that occurred on a snowy mountain and begins texting his deduction to Kogoro. Okiya then recognizes Scar Akai and the crowd and hides while smiling suspiciously. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and discloses that the bomber's behavior is inconsistent; He was desperate to search for the sender of the red shirts, yet he found the time to knock and strap a bomb onto the man. Conan reveals that the man strapped with the bomb is actually the bomber.

Conan reveals that the sender of the red shirt was the cashier of the sports department, Mai Seta. He explains it would be impossible to always have a shirt bought on 12:28. Seta reveals that the bomber murdered her father thirteen years ago in order to hide the fact he was embezzling money from her father's company. Conan reveals that the shirts creases are flag signals conveying the message "I saw you burying it". The bomber denies the murder until Conan discloses that the body must be near the cabin since the bomber was a novice at mountaineering. The bomber confesses and explains he wanted the best for his spoiled son who occasionally runs away from home. Seta asks Conan how he knew it was related to the mountains, which Kogoro answers by reading the deductions he received from a cellphone text message. Conan and Ran trace the call to a man who reveals a man resembling Akai was the one who gave him the phone. Conan attempts to catch up to scar Akai and runs into Jodie and Andre. Andre reveals the Black Organization are waiting outside with a sniper causing Conan and Jodie to realize their plan. Outside the store, scar Akai is seen on Chianti's scope as he gives her a smile. Gin decides to drop the assassination commenting how Bourbon always likes to do what he pleases. 



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