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I've noticed someone has been editing pages and using very very very poor english 

"Not fully known is that the boss's favorit is Vermouth and evenly consider that it is a men" I would spell check but I don't even know what the person editing was trying to say" Aluwolf (talk)

the culprits Edit

Throughout the series I noticed that a huge amount of culprits had a strong and justifiable motives: they've been bullied, their loved ones killed or commited a suicide because of the victims, they've been blackmailed...

And with all my noble and compassionate heart I feel so sorry for them that makes me emotional and at the same time I hate what they have done, and I wish for them to atone for what they did by redeeming themselves and not to murder again.

And the same for the other culprits, because I have a strong and honorable heart.

Do you understand me, right?

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