Takahiro Sanada


English name: Takahiro Sanada
Age: 18
Date of birth: Unknown
Occupation: Big Osaka soccer player
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark auburn
Eye color: Dark blue
First appearance: Manga: File 885

Anime: Movie 16


TV: 1
Movies: 1
Specials: 0
Openings: 0

Japanese voice:

Hiroyuki Yoshino

Takahiro Sanada (真田 貴大 Sanada Takahiro), is a new player on the Big Osaka soccer team. His first appearance was in The Eleventh Striker. He makes his first canon manga appearance during the Kite-Flying Competition Murder Case.


Sanada is Osaka Big's striker bench. He usually kicks with his left foot and is the second best Osaka Big soccer player, after Ryusuke Higo.


He is fun-loving,goofy,and kind hearted. He keeps his promises and is trustworthy. He promised a Kou to kick only with his right foot in the game becuase he injured Kou. Even Haibara remarked how Sanada took a promise with a kid way too seriously.

Plot OverviewEdit


Promise with a J-LeaguerEdit

IMG 3507
While practicing penalty kicks, Sanada's soccer ball accidentally hits Kou while he's riding his bike past the park, injuring Kou's ankle. Kou is upset and makes Sanada promise to play his next match and score a goal using his right leg. Later, it is proved that Sanada's soccer ball hit Fukazawa not Kou in the face, knocking off his glasses. Angry, Fukazawa then picked up the ball and threw it, accidentally hitting Kou and causing the accident. After the misunderstanding was cleared, Sanada tries to score a goal with his left foot, but misses. Fukazawa later apologizes to both Kou and Sanada, and Sanada in turn apologizes to Fukazawa.


The Eleventh StrikerEdit

J. League All-Star Soccer is the bomber's target as it has the highest viewership. The letter declares in all ten simultaneous games, the strikers must use the following play hidden in the letter against the home team to stop the bomb. Conan reveals the border and the staple matches an association football pitch and the kanji written in red is written in a way so that the staple has red markings on top of it; He deduces the bomber wants the strikers to kick the ball in the center of the goal post. As per the letter, the police are only able to alert the coaches and the strikers in each game about the bombs. Without Higo, Sanada is the best striker so he accepted this task. Signals didn't appear after he kicked in the middle of the crossbar, he was able to kick to the ball in the center of the goal post under the dual pressures of missing and the threat of a bomb. Gallery

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