Taka'aki Morofushi


Age: 35
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Koumei
First appearance: Manga: Chapter 682
Anime: Episode 558
Appearances: Chapters: 5

Episodes: 4
Openings: 1

Japanese voice: Sho Hayami

Taka'aki Morofushi (諸伏 高明 ,Morohushi Taka'aki), more commonly known as Koumei (孔明) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Morofushi and Kansuke Yamato were both students at the same elementary school, which is where the two met. Morofushi's exploits were so well known that a book about a child who solved a case in a elementary school, titled "Koumei-kun from Second Second Grade Class A!" was based off of him, while another character in the book was based off of Yamato. Morofushi cherishes the book, keeping it in the glove compartment of his car, as the author was a friend of his who died. He was originally a high ranking inspector in Nagano, until he abadoned his job briefly to try and find Yamato when he was left for dead in the snow during a case. After Morofushi found the suspect, and helped save Yamato, he was downgraded as an inspector in a local force in Nagano.

Personality Edit

Koumei is generally shown to be calm and well-mannered, in contrast to the quick-tempered Yamato. According to Yamato, Koumei tends to ignore others completely while investigating, and sometimes goes out of his jurisdiction to try and solve a case. He will even put his life on the line if he has to. The rivalry between Yamato and Morofushi is mostly a friendly one, in which they see who can solve the case first, and Yamato has tried to get Morofushi back onto the regular force. Also, Yamato has been willing to go into a burning building to save his life.

He also thanks Yamato for allowing him to see Conan Edogawa at work, also understanding Conan's intelligence after the Red Wall case. He even belives, and confides this to Yamato, that if it weren't for Conan's observations, they would have never even come close to solving the case. He even compares Conan to a young version of Zhuge Liang.

Name origin Edit

The nickname Koumei comes from the Japanese reading of Kong-ming (孔明), the courtesy name of Three Kingdoms era Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang (諸葛 亮). Koumei got this nickname most probably because his name shares two kanji with Zhuge's: the character 諸 from Morofushi and Zhuge, and the 明 from Taka'aki and Kong-ming.

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