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Shinichi is very fond of soccer and often fiddles around with a soccer ball when solving cases to help himself think. This trait continues when Shinichi is shrunk and becomes Conan. Shinichi's soccer abilities help Conan out of bad situations and even in capturing criminals, thanks to the Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes. Early on in the series, Conan would kick just about anything around in order to stop criminals in their tracks. Later on Professor Agasa invents the Anywhere Ball Dispensing Belt, providing Conan with an instant missile for his use.

Two major soccer teams found in Detective Conan are the Tokyo Spirits and Big Osaka. There have also been several cases relating to soccer in some way, including but not limited to: Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case, The Indiscriminate Stadium Threatening Case, and The 3 "K"s of Osaka Case. According to an interview Gosho Aoyama gave in regards to The Eleventh Striker the Tokyo Spirits uniform is inspired by the Juventus F.C. uniform.


Baseball is one of the most popular team sport in Japan and is usually taken seriously from high school onwards, particularly the high school Koshien Tournament. Shinichi has not shown much interest in the sport, however as Conan, he often plays baseball with the Detective Boys despite preferring a game of soccer. On the other hand, Heiji Hattori is a big fan of baseball and is often seen wearing a baseball cap, which appears to be a non-trademarked reference to the Chicago White Sox.

Martial ArtsEdit

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Most of the female protagonists in the series, particularly the ones in their teenage years, are shown to be proficient in the unarmed martial arts. Ran is the captain of the Teitan High School karate team who sometimes uses her karate to defend herself or protect others, though on occasion she also uses it to intimidate Conan, Shinichi, and Kogoro to do exactly what she wants. Kazuha is a high-level practicioner of aikido, Masumi Sera is skilled in jeet kun do, and Eri Kisaki has been taught judo by her enstranged husband Kogoro.

The male main protagonists, on the other hand, usually make use of fighting styles which depend on physical objects as auxiliaries, leaving them in a state of dependency if they have no suitable weapon to aid them. Conan/Shinichi's skill in soccer could be defined as a martial art since he uses it to knock out fugitive or violent antagonists whenever he has something to kick nearby, leaving them stunned with just one hit, and Heiji employs his kendo skills for personal defense whenever he has a sword at hand. Notable exceptions to this norm are Kogoro Mouri, who was a judo champion in his student years, and Makoto Kyogoku, Sonoko's boyfriend, who, like Ran, is a high-level karate champion.