Shintaro Chaki

Shintaro Chaki Profile

Japanese name: 茶木 慎太郎
(Chaki Shintarō)
English name: Bernie Biggers
Age: 49
Occupation: Police Superintendent
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Black
First appearance: Manga: File 156

Anime: Episode 76


Chapters: 10
Episodes: 5
Movies: 1

Keyhole number: Volume 70
Japanese voice: Nobuo Tanaka
English voice: Kent Williams

Shintaro Chaki (茶木 慎太郎 Chaki Shintarō?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.

Background Edit

Shintaro Chaki is the superintendent of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police 2nd Division and Ginzo Nakamori's superior.

Personality Edit

Chaki was shown to be strict and aggressive when it came to catching Kaitou Kid. He was very good at acting quickly by giving out orders.

Plot overview Edit

Chaki first appeared in chapter 156 in the manga and episode 76 in the anime, the Black Star heist in which Kaitou Kid also made his first appearance.

Relationships analysis Edit

Ginzo NakamoriEdit

Chaki is Nakamori's superior.

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