Rum (ラム Ramu) is a member of the Black Organization in Detective Conan.


Judging from Shuichi Akai's descriptions, Rum appears to have high rank in the organization and is very close to the Boss. Later on, Ai Haibara remarks that Rum is 2nd only to the Boss of the Black Organization, suggesting that he is their 2nd-in-command. Rum's identity, gender and mission are currently unknown.

Plot overviewEdit

Scarlet Epilogue (Manga: 898)Edit

Shuichi Akai (as Subaru Okiya) calls Jodie Starling and Andre Camel to the Kudos' house. He informs them that the undercover CIA agent Hidemi Hondou reported to him that a new organization member is on the move. As she only sent three letters "RUM", Akai deduces that it was done in a hurry. He recalls having heard the code name a few times when he was still infiltrating the organization, and notes that the member seems to be really close to the boss. Akai also tells them to report this back to James Black, while emphasizing that their new threat is someone even more important than Gin.

Scriptwriter Murder case (Manga: 906-...)Edit

Conan asks Haibara about Rum. She tells him that she never met Rum in person but heard of his characteristics that differs from person to person who tell the story. Some say he is a strong-build man. Some say he look feminine. Some say he is an old man. And some say all of this are just his body substitutes. Haibara also says there is one characteristic that is the same for all stories about Rum. But she cannot think of it yet. Later on, she tells him that in all the stories she has heard about Rum, had one thing in common that he has a prosthetic eye.

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