English name: Pisco
Age: 71(Dead)
Gender: Male
First appearance: Manga: 239
Anime: 176
Appearances: TV: 5
Movies: 1
Specials: 0
Openings: 0
Japanese voice: Yasuo Muramatsu

Pisco (ピスコ ,Pisuko) is a Black Organization member who is killed by Gin because he was photographed while in the act of murdering a politician. His real name was Kenzo Masuyama (枡山 憲三 ,Masuyama Kenzou).


He is a loyal member who would have told Gin that Sherry had turned into a child and was now living as Ai Haibara if he hadn't been killed by Gin first.

Relationships analysisEdit

Black OrganizationEdit


Although Vermouth and Pisco are executive members, Vermouth dislikes and looks down on Pisco despite cooperating with him.


Although Pisco and Gin are executive members and Pisco is Gin's senior, Gin dislikes and looks down on him.

Sherry's ParentsEdit

Pisco was an acquaintance of Elena and Atsushi Miyano, and they told Pisco much about their drug experiment research. Pisco met Shiho when she was very young, too young to remember what he looked like.

References Edit

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