Officer Tome
Age:  ?
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Tome-san
First appearance: Anime: Episode 51
Appearances: Episodes: 32

Movies: 2

Openings: 2

Japanese voice: Toshihiko Nakajima

Tome (トメ), most commonly referred to as Officer Tome (and less commonly, Tome-san,) is a character in the anime version of Detective Conan. Tome is a CSI member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, and is often seen investigating the crime scene during cases where Juzo Megure is the head inspector. Tome is an anime only character and, unlike Takagi, Shiratori, and Chiba, has never appeared in the manga. Up until 2008, he only made sporadic and scattered appearances in the show, but starting with the 17th season, Tome's role has increased heavily, appearing more frequently.

References Edit

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