Episode 521-523


Title: 521: Murderer, Shinichi Kudo

522: Shinichi's True Face and Ran's Tears 523: What She Truly Wants to Ask

Japanese Title: 殺人犯、工藤新一

(Satsujinhan, Kudō Shinichi) 新一の正体に蘭の涙 (Shinichi no Shōtai ni Ran no Namida) 本当に聞きたいコト (Hontō ni Kikitai Koto)

Original airdate: January 19, 2009 (Murderer, Shinichi Kudo)

January 26, 2009 (Shinichi's True Face and Ran's Tears) February 2, 2009 (What She Truly Wants to Ask)

Season: 17
Manga source: Volume 62: Files 5-10 (646-651)

Volume 62: File 11 (652) ~ Volume 63: File 2 (654)


Conan Edogawa

Shinichi Kudo
Heiji Hattori
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Ai Haibara
Kazuha Toyama
Professor Agasa
Wataru Takagi
Miwako Sato
Subaru Okiya
Case solved by:

Heiji Hattori (x2) Shinichi Kudo (x2)

Next Conan's Hint: Shiragami-sama's curse (Murderer, Shinichi Kudo)

Car window (Shinichi's True Face and Ran's Tears) Fleece jacket (What She Truly Wants to Ask)

Director: Koujin Ochi (521-523)
Organizer: Shigenori Kageyama (521)

Yoshihisa Matsumoto (522) Yoshio Suzuki (523)

Storyboard: Shigenori Kageyama (521)

Yoshihisa Matsumoto (522) Yoshio Suzuki (523)

Technical Director: Minoru Tozawa (521)

Shigeru Yamazaki (522) Kouichirou Kuroda (523)

Animation Director: Rei Masunaga (521)

Keiko Sasaki (521) Shinaki Saitou (522) Nobuyuki Iwai (522) Masakazu Yamazaki (522) Shunryo Yamamura (522) Michitaka Yamamoto (523) Masashi Hasegawa (523)


Murderer, Shinichi KudoEdit


Heiji takes Kazuha, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan to East Okuho after receiving a letter from Makoto Okuda addressed to Shinichi; The letter tells Shinichi to meet with him so he could explain Shinichi's deduction mistake from his past investigation. Upon arrival, the group learns that Makoto has been missing for over a year; Conan separates from the group and heads to the meeting location disclosed in the letter and is subsequently trapped inside a shed by an unknown culprit. Conan realizes that he mistakenly took the antidote to the APTX 4869 in place of his cold medicine; He escapes through a window and falls into the river before becoming Shinichi again. Heiji and the others find an amnesic Shinichi by a shore; the villagers believe that the Shiragami, a deity living in the forest, cursed Shinichi resulting in his amnesia. Haibara tells Heiji that the antidote would wear off in 24 hours and if Shinichi still retains amnesia even after reverting back to Conan, his identity would be exposed. Heiji learns that Shinichi was called to investigate the murder of the mayor and his wife which was concluded to be a forced double suicide. A journalist named Misato Kawauchi threatens to reveal Shinichi's secret if he does not confess to faking his amnesia. The following day, Kawauchi is found with a knife wound with Shinichi beside her holding a knife.

The group believing Shinichi is being framed, hides him from the authorities until they can prove his innocence. Heiji attempts to deduce how the culprit was able to frame Shinichi for the stabbing and believes it is related to the past case Shinichi solved.

Meanwhile, Ran runs into the forest hoping to confront the Shiragami to remove his curse on Shinichi but loses consciousness after falling off a cliff. Ran wakes up in a hut in the woods and discovers someone has treated the wounds from when she fell. Eventually, Kazuha finds Ran and calls Kogoro in. Heiji radios them from the next room. They all go over and find that the room is filled with pictures of Shinichi with knife marks in them. Heiji figures out the case, and they head back to Hinohara's house.

Heiji figures out that the Shinichi with the group is not the real Shinichi, but the supposedly missing Makoto Okuda. Makoto had undergone plastic surgery to look like Shinichi and faked the amnesia in order to frame Shinichi in revenge for his previous deduction that the deaths of his adoptive parents was actually a murder-suicide instead of a burglary. He attacked the reporter because he thought she knew the truth about who he really was and would have outed him. The Shiragami that Ran encountered in the woods enters the room during Heiji's explanation and reveals that he is the real Shinichi, and had been hiding out in the woods disguised as the Shiragami while keeping an eye on everyone to prevent Makoto from reacting violently if he were to appear and ruin his plans.

The crime one year previously that Shinichi had solved and was hated for was explained in full: he wasn't wrong in his deduction, but he did lie about the motive. The mayor did kill his wife and himself, not because he was terminally ill like Shinichi had told everyone, but because he discovered that the child he believed to be his son was actually the result of an affair his wife had. Makoto was told this, but he was in such a state of shock at the time that it didn't register.

After Makoto is arrested, Ran, Heiji, Shinichi, Kazuha, and Kogoro walk back toward the hotel. Before they can reach it, the prototype antidote for APTX 4869 starts to wear off, and Heiji helps Shinichi escape to the bathroom to change back. Haibara had been hiding there, and she gave Shinichi another antidote. Then, she says to return to Tokyo before he changes back if he wishes to keep his identity a secret.

What She Truly Wants to AskEdit


The group are all heading home in Kogoro's rental car, when they discover a man who was strangled within his car on the highway. They stop to investigate.

The police are able to stop traffic by ordering a toll gate to refuse cars passage. Shinichi and Heiji reveal that the victim died while driving evidenced by his body temperature. They are able to narrow the list of suspects to three people by examining the time on their toll tickets and matching it with the victims. The three suspects reveal that the victim was a famous street racer who went under the name Gunpei who quit racing when he caused the death of a man named Akira during a race. The three each have a motive for the murder. Shinichi and Heiji notice that there are holes in the car window by the side of the driver's seat and realize how the murder is done.

Shinichi and Heiji both reveal that the culprit is Riko Mizuhashi, Akira's girlfriend. They explain that Riko gave Gunpei sleeping pills forcing Gunpei to pull over and sleep in a rest stop. While asleep, Mizuhashi drilled holes into Gunpei's window and set up a fishing line through the holes and looped it around Gunpei's neck. After Gunpei wakes up and begins to drive, Mizuhashi drove up beside him and signaled to him that she has something to tell him. Gunpei lowers his window which causes the fishing line to tighten around his neck and causes his death. Mizuhashi confesses and reveals Furuki challenged Akira a race but in the race there was a storm that it must not be a conditions of a race causing Akira's car swept by the slippery floor and fell in the depths of the valley where the race happened and died with his hands clinched to the steering wheel. Shinichi tells Mizuhashi that Gunpei actually regrets his actions that he done when Akira's death in the past, meaning that Gunpei knows about Mizuhashi's plan for murdering him all along. He willingly accepted his death so he can pay the actions he done in the past. After solving the murder, the antidote to the APTX 4869 begins to wear off and Shinichi begins to change back to Conan; He attempts to seclude himself for the transformation but Ran grabs onto his hand and refuses to let go.


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