Minerva Glass
Japanese name: ミネルバ・グラス 

(Mineruba Gurasu)

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Relatives: Apollo Glass  (younger brother) 

Juno Glass (mother)

Nicknames: Queen of the Court 

Queen of the Grass Court

First appearance: Manga: Chapter 744
Anime: Episode 616
Appearances: Chapters: 7
Episodes: 6
Openings: 1
Keyhole number: Volume 71
Japanese voice: Rumiko Varnes

Minerva Glass (ミネルバ・グラス Mineruba Gurasu) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


She is an excellent tennis player from London, England. When she was younger she lived in Japan. She placed first in Wimbledon for five consecutive years. She was ranked Number 1 and earned the name 'Grass Court Queen'.

Her father was German and her mother was English. Her father and little sister died in a traffic accident eight years prior to the current storyline. She has a younger brother named Apollo. She was coached by Ares Ashley, who was coached by her father. Ares quit coaching Minerva (although he liked her) because he blamed himself for her dad's death, since he had died in the traffic accident when he'd been on his way to watch Ares's match. This saddened Minerva greatly.


Minerva is very friendly and cheerful. She took the trouble of going to the airport before Ran and Kogoro left for Japan in order to thank Ran for an e-mail she had sent her. She is an excellent tennis player, being able to calculate the placements of her serves in order to make a code which she hoped someone would figure out and come rescue her.

Plot overviewEdit

After four consecutive years of domination at Wimbledon, Minerva was once again involved in it, vying for the top spot. A murderer named Hades put a bomb in Wimbledon in order to get revenge on Minerva's mother, whom he blamed for losing all his possessions after he lost a bet that Minerva would win a certain tennis match, which led to his mother being unable to have surgery, which resulted in her death (Minerva lost the match because her mother wasn't there to encourage her).

Minerva met Ran and later Kogoro. During the match, Minerva received a note from Hades telling her he was targeting her mother. She began placing her serves in certain order and places, leaving a message in braille which Conan deciphered. Using his help, the culprit was caught and Minerva won the match for the fifth consecutive year.

Minerva later met Ran and Kogoro at the airport before they left to go back to Japan so she can thank Ran for her e-mail. She was very happy, thanks to the e-mail as well as the fact that Ares planned to become a tennis player again and had received a reply to an e-mail she had sent him.


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