The following is a list of characters who are either aware of or suspicious of Kaito Kuroba's secret identity as Kaitou Kid. In their respective categories, characters are listed by the order they came to discover (or become suspicious of) Kaitou Kid's identity.

Canon Edit

Konosuke JiiEdit

Jii discovers Kaito's identity during their confrontation on a rooftop in Volume 1. At first, Jii mistook Kaito for being Toichi, Kaito's father. After this confrontation, Jii stops dressing up as the Kaitou Kid since Kaito takes the role over.[1] Instead, Jii opts to assist Kaito in any way he can with his heists, although he's concerned for Kaito's well being.

Akako KoizumiEdit

Akako discovers Kaito's identity after her magic mirror reveals that there is only one man on Earth able to resist her: Kaitou Kid. When Kaito turns down the offer of getting one of Akako's chocolates on Valentine's Day in return for throwing the others he's received, Akako puts two and two together and realizes Kaito must be Kaitou Kid. Kaito continues to deny this allegation but does occasionally listen to Akako's advice.

Suspicious Edit

Chikage KurobaEdit

In the manga version, despite not actually seeing Kaito go into Toichi's secret room, heard the panel to the room open from where she was standing in the house with Aoko. In the TV special Chikage is not suspicious because she was away in Las Vegas at the time Kaito discovered Toichi's secret room.

Ginzo NakamoriEdit

Ginzo first becomes suspicious of Kaito's secret identity during the Angel Crown heist. The police manage to shine a light on Kid's face before he's able to cover it with his cape. In disbelief of this allegation that Kaito is really Kaitou Kid, his daughter Aoko claims it's impossible because she'll be on a date with Kaito at the same time Kaitou Kid is scheduled to do a heist.

Aoko NakamoriEdit

Aoko first becomes suspicious of Kaito's secret identity after her father swears that he saw that Kid was Kaito during the Angel Crown heist. Out of disbelief and concern Aoko asks Kaito out on a date to Tropical Land at the same time Kaitou Kid is scheduled to complete a heist. Because she believes Kaito never left her side during the time of the heist (he did) and the heist was completed successfully, she thinks she's proven Kaito cannot possibly be Kaitou Kid.

Saguru HakubaEdit

Hakuba first becomes suspicious of Kaito's secret identity after using his grandfather's analyzer on a piece of Kaitou Kid's hair. The results of the analysis come up a perfect match for Kaito.[6] Despite Hakuba's careful planning in proving Kaito is Kid he is fooled when Akako dresses up as Kid and covers for Kaito. Realizing Kaito and Kid couldn't be in the same room together, he is stumped.

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