Kenzo Masuyana
Japanese name: 世良 真純
(Yuko Ikezawa)
Age: 71
Gender: Male
Occupation: Black Organization Agent
First appearance: Manga: File 
Appearances: Chapters:
Keyhole number:
Japanese voice:

Template:Nihongo is an executive Black Organization member who is killed by Gin because he was photographed while in the act of murdering a politician. His real name was Template:Nihongo.

Background Edit

Not much is known about this elderly and high ranking member of the organization, though we do know that he is very rich and finances the Black Organization's operations. He was a car company chairman. He was tasked with and succeeded in murdering the politician Shigehiko Nomiguchi and making it look like an accident by shooting a chandelier in the dark and crushing him. Despite Vermouth's help, Conan uncovered him as the murderer. His house was burnt down after he was killed by Gin.

Personality Edit

He is a loyal member who would have told Gin that Sherry had turned into a child and was now living as Ai Haibara if he hadn't been killed by Gin first. He also seemed a bit careless, since that he didn't ensure that there wasn't taken a picture of him committing the murder and expressing an interest to the police about hearing about the caller who tipped them, despite he should have consider that the police shouldn't give details about a tipper, if they had more information.

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Plot OverviewEdit

Reunion with the Black Organization (Manga: 238-242, Anime: 176-178)Edit

Non-Canon Plot OverviewEdit

Movie 13: The Raven ChaserEdit

Connection to Irish

Relationships analysis Edit

Black Organization Edit

Vermouth Edit

Although Vermouth and Pisco are executive members, Vermouth dislikes and looks down on Pisco despite cooperating with him.[1]

Gin Edit

Although Pisco and Gin are executive members and Pisco is Gin's senior, Gin dislikes and looks down on him.[1]

Sherry's Parents Edit

Pisco was an acquaintance of Elena and Atsushi Miyano, and they told Pisco much about their drug experiment research. Pisco met Shiho when she was very young, too young to remember what he looked like.

Irish Edit

In The Raven Chaser, Black Organization member Irish mentioned that Pisco mentored him and was like a father to him.

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