Kazumi Tsukamoto

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Age: 18
Occupation: Teitan High School student
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark blue
First appearance: Manga: File 457
Anime: Episode 361
Appearances: Chapters: 4
Episodes: 3
Movies: 0
Openings: 0
Keyhole number: Volume 45
Japanese voice: Hōko Kuwashima (361~362) Masayo Kurata (592)

Kazumi Tsukamoto (塚本 和美 Tsukamoto Kazumi), is a third year at Teitan High school and former captain of the karate club now that Ran inherited the captain's title. She is still a member of the club and taught Ran a kick used during the Rooster Festival case.


Tsukamoto is straightforward,outgoing, and has a tomboyish personality.



Her karate skills are above Ran and she taught Ran a swivel roundhouse kick, also called whirlwind turn around kick in episode 361.

Plot OverviewEdit

Teitan High School's Ghost StoryEdit

Sonoko, Ran, and Conan go to Teitan High School to investigate mysterious events supposedly caused by the grudge of a dead student named Hideaki Hosaka. Ran and Sonoko greet some friends and introduce Conan to them; the friends tease Conan and Ran by saying Shinichi are Conan rather alike. Conan then runs into the real Dr. Araide, who has returned. He informs Conan of that he had been hiding overseas with his family, and told him that Jodie told him to tell Conan everything. Ran asks Dr. Araide to help investigate the ghost story with them.

Sonoko explains there ar three stories showing that the student's ghost is terrorizing the school in the early morning hours. The first is that a girl heard the sound of someone sobbing in the sports warehouse where the dead student's desk is stored. After bringing a professor to investigate, the crying had stopped and, no one was found inside. Third year student and Ran's Karate senpai, Kazumi Tsukamoto, interrupts after overhearing the story, saying Hideaki Hosaka fell down a set of stairs and that wind blowing through a small window may account for the sounds heard. Kazumi Tsukamoto notices that it has started raining outside and suggests Ran and company go the library and that she will help with the investigation. On the way, they cross Seko Kunishige who goes to the nurse's office.

In the library, Sonoko relates the second story. Four mornings in a row, books that had been borrowed by Hosaka were found scattered around in the library. Finally, Sonoko and gang go to the stairs that Hosaka died after falling from for the last tale. An unexplained puddle of water formed at the bottom of the stairs, and
supposedly the number of steps on the stairs changes. The last part was disproved when Conan notices Sonoko messed up her count. While they were arguing, art student Monobe Masao berates them for being loud.

Ran looks out the window and sees a desk outside that hadn't been there earlier. Conan and Araide run out to investigate. The desk was the one from the sports warehouse, and a weighed down note atop it reads: "My resentment isn't gone yet". Furthermore, Conan notices that although it had been raining, there are no footprints in the mud around the desk, and the desk and the note are dry.

Conan, using Sonoko, solves the case and reveals the culprit was Kunishige Seko, a close friend to the dead student Hideaki Hosaka. Kunishige reveals that he found his friend's desk in the storage room with a name on it, thinking he was bullied and then murdered. Monobe Masao reveals the true story of events, Hosaka died saving him from falling backwards down the stairs while holding a heavy sculpture. The sculpture crushed Hosaka. Kazumi Tsukamoto explains that Hosaka's desk was put in the storage room so that it could be brought out for graduation in memory of Hosaka and was not to hide evidence. Dr. Araide, who was the first doctor on the scene, concocts a white lie about Hosaka's last words to say held no grudges when he died in order to soothe the third years.

After the case, Dr. Araide receives a call from Jodie who is checking on his reintegration into Teitan High. Dr. Araide says it went smoothly but asks Jodie if Vermouth was really an evil person because all the students and teachers had nothing but praise for the disguised Vermouth's kindness and compassion. Jodie angrily hangs up on Araide after yelling, "How in the world can someone be kind if she kills people with a smile!?"

The Detective Memoir of Monkey and RakeEdit

Kazumi teaches Ran a new Karate move which later saves Ran's life.


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