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Kaoru Kouda

Kouda kaoru


English name:

Kaoru Kouda




Date of birth:


Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Camerawoman
Gender: Female
Hair color: Reddish brown
Eye color: Dark green

First appearance:

Anime: Movie 16


Chapters: 0
Episodes: 1
Movies: 1
OVAs: 0
Specials: 0
Openings: 0
Closings: 0


Japanese voice:

Mirei Kiritani

Kaoru Kouda (香田 薫 Kōda Kaoru), is a camerawoman for the sports entertainment section of the Nichiuri Newspaper. Her first appearance was The Eleventh Striker.


Kouda is an ambitious camerawoman and always looking for new scoops. She is friendly towards the Detective Boys and buy snacks for them. She has good observation skills, as she noticed that Takahiro Sanada was kicking the soccer ball with his right food instead of his usual left foot.

Plot OverviewEdit


The Eleventh StrikerEdit

Kouda is new to Nichiuri Newspaper and is eager for breakout news, which was why she was a suspect in the serial bombing case. The bombing footage she provided made the tv ratings go up so she had a motive.


Promise with a J-LeaguerEdit

IMG 3502

She goes to Takahiro Sanada's soccer game to take pictures and sees the Detective Boys and buy snacks for them as reward for providing her news since they caught a stalker. She notices Sanada is acting odd and shows Conan the photo of Sanada kicking the soccer ball with his left foot, which he usually uses, but only used his right in the game. She tries to take a photo of Sanada scoring a goal, but he misses.



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