Jugo Yokomizo

275px-Jugo Yokomizo Profile

Age:  ?
Gender: Male
Relatives: Sango Yokomizo (brother)
First appearance: Manga: Chapter 348
Anime: Episode 284
Appearances: Chapters: 14

Episodes: 12
Movies: 2
Openings: 2

Keyhole number: Volume 34
Japanese voice: Akio Otsuka

Jugo Yokomizo (横溝 重悟 ,Yokomizo Juugo), often referred to as the same name as his twin brother, Inspector Yokomizo, is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.

Background Edit

Jugo is the twin brother of Sango Yokomizo, who is also an inspector. As children, Sango and Jugo would often play with other kids near the beach. Both brothers were actually afraid of swimming in the ocean, but while Jugo would go near the water, Sango was so scared that he would never even leave the boat. Thus, Sango, even as an adult, does not know how to swim.

Personality Edit

Unlike his brother Sango, Jugo is serious, stern, and much less easygoing, and also much more impatient. Jugo is considered an adept inspector, but because of his habitual sinister stare he appears even more intimidating than his brother. As a result, he is not quite popular with any persons outside the force, especially if they are able to compare him with his brother.

Jugo is not a big fan of Conan Edogawa and the Detective Boys, often yelling at them and telling them to stay away from an investigation; as a result, they believe that Sango is the nicer of the two brothers. However, when they do get through to him, Jugo always readily listens and considers their opinions.

Name origin Edit

Jugo's name comes from TV Drama Stray Detective Pure-Hearted Group character Shigetada Yokomizo (横溝重忠).

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