James Black


Age:  ?
Gender: Male
First appearance: Manga: Chapter 325
Anime: Episode 258
Appearances: Episodes: 20
Japanese voice: Iemasa Kayumi

James Black (ジェイムズ・ブラック ,Jeimuzu Burakku) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. He is a high ranking agent in the F.B.I..

Background Edit

According to James Black's own account, he was born in London, England, in the Marylebone district of Westchester City (the same district where the original Baker Street is located), before he moved to Chigaco, growing up as a naturalized American citizen.

Black first met Conan, the Detective Boys, and Dr. Agasa when he was visiting Japan to attend an animal show. They saved him from a crowd of reporters who mistook him for a famous American actor, the patron of the show. In fact, he was shortly afterwards kidnapped because of this, and it was thanks to Conan and the Tokyo police that Black was safely rescued from a dangerous hostage situation. At this time, Black developed a deep respect for Conan's intellect, calling him "Cool guy".

Conan didn't meet up with Black again until he encountered Jodie Starling again while trying to save a popular politician from an assassination attempt by the Black Organization. It was at this time that Black's allegiance with the FBI was revealed; Black is in fact the head of operations on the hunt for the Organization in Japan, and ever since this revelation, he and his colleagues have worked closely with Conan whenever their common cause would bring them together.

Personality Edit

Stoic and collected, James Black often lets his underlings - chiefly Jodie and Shuichi - take the initiative, knowing their capabilities, and for the same reason he listens to Conan's judgements as well. Black, like Starling, is deeply saddened when he learns of Akai's death, considering it a painful blow on not only the FBI, but on a personal level as well.

Quotes Edit

Episode 425 (talking to Jodie in the car with Conan in the backseat): As expected of the child that you have yours eyes on. It almost makes me want to scout him for the bureau.

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