Japanese name: 世良 真純
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
First appearance: Manga: File 1
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Japanese voice:

Hitomi was a character from Detective Conan and suspect of a murder case occur Tropical Land.

History Edit

Hitomi dated With Kishida a long time ago. At their first date, Kishida gave Hitomi a necklace. Before they went to college they met Aiko and Reiko. Hitomi got dumped by Kishida for Aiko left her heartbroken.

She cried on the necklace that Kishida gave her before the day that she went with her friends to Tropical Land.

She appeared when Shinichi suddenly shakes her hand which he was trying to show Ran something that he have read in the Sherlock Holmes novels. Shinichi reveals that she is in the gymnastic team which she is in shock. One of her friends asks her is she knows Shinichi which she says that she doesn't. She went to the roller coaster next to Reiko which in the meantime, Kishida got decapitated. She was in shock to see such a drama. After that the police have discovered a knife in Aiko's purse, she then immediately believed that Aiko was the one who killed Kishida. After that everyone believes that Aiko is the culprit, Shinichi soon says that Hitomi is the one who murdered Kishida. Shinichi then explains how she set such a murder scene which she reveals after Shinichi's deduction that she murdered him because she dated Kishida before Aiko but dumped her after they went to colleague and met Aiko and Reiko which Kishida dumped Hitomi for Aiko.