Pictures Names Users Introduction Description
Voice-Changing Bowtie Conan Edogawa

Professor Agasa Shinichi Kudo

  • Episode 3
  • V1 - F6
By turning the dial on the back Conan is able to imitate all kinds of voices that he hears. 
Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes Conan Edogawa
  • Episode 5
  • V2 - F1
These shoes use electricity and magnetic fields to allow Conan  kick objects with tremendous power.
Stun-Gun Wristwatch Conan Edogawa

Ai Haibara Shinichi Kudo

  • Episode 6
  • V3 - F5
Conan uses a tranquilizer dart in the watch to put people to sleep. Conan must be very accurate as he can only carry one dart in the watch at a time. 
Detective Boys Badge Detective Boys
  • Episode 12
  • V6 - F6
Agasa created these badges for Conan and the rest of the Detective Boys group to use in order to communicate with each other from a distance, much like a set of walkie-talkies. The badges also give out a signal that can be located using the Criminal Tracking Glasses.
Turbo Engine Skateboard Conan Edogawa
  • Episode 12
  • V9 - F2
Agasa created this super fast skateboard for Conan to help him chase down criminals. But without solar power the skateboard's engine will not work. 
Criminal Tracking Glasses Ai Haibara

Conan Edogawa

  • Episode 13
  • V2 - F4
These glasses use radar to track down criminals and locate transmitters within a 20km radius. The glasses can also be used to track down the location of the Detective Boys' badges. 
Elasticity Suspenders Conan Edogawa
  • Episode 20
  • V2 - F9
By pressing a button on the suspenders, Conan can use them to lift heavy objects via a pulley type system.

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