Fumimaro Ayanokoji

275px-Fumimaro Ayanokoji Profile

English name: Fumimaro Ayanokoji
Age: 26
Gender: Male
First appearance: Anime: Movie 7
Appearances: TV: 1
Movies: 4
Specials: 0
Openings: 0
Japanese voice: Ryotaro Okiayu

Fumimaro Ayanokoji (綾小路 文麿 ,Ayanokouji Fumimaro) is a character in the anime version of Detective Conan. He appears in the movies Crossroad in the Ancient Capital , The Raven Chaser, Private Eye in the Distant Sea and Dimensional Sniper, and in The Missing Sweets in the Old Shop. He is an Inspector from Kyoto Prefectural Police.

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