Episode 705-706
275px-TV Episode 705-706
Title: Conan in a Locked Room
Bourbon Figures It Out
Japanese Title: 密室にいるコナン
(Misshitsu ni iru Konan)
(Nazotoki Suru Bābon)
Original airdate: August 10, 2013 (Conan in a Locked Room)
August 17, 2013 (Bourbon Figures it Out)
Season: 22
Manga source: Volume 78: Files 8-10 (825-827)

Conan Edogawa

Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Sonoko Suzuki
Tooru Amuro
Sango Yokomizo
Professor Agasa
Ai Haibara 
Subaru Okiya
Yukiko Kudo
Makoto Kyogoku

Kotone Momozono, Machi Umejima, and Noboru Takanashi

Case solved by:

Conan Edogawa and Kogoro Mouri

Next Conan's Hint: Plastic bottle (Conan in a Locked Room)
Ice Cream (Bourbon Figures It Out)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Organizer: Shigenori Kageyama
Storyboard: Shigenori Kageyama
Technical Director: 705 Kouichirou Kuroda

706 Minoru Tozawa

Animation Director: 705 Masatomo Sudo (supervisor), Seiji Muta (supervisor), Michitaka Yamamoto

706 Masatomo Sudo (supervisor), Seiji Muta (supervisor), Chiemi Hironaka



Conan in a Locked RoomEdit

After the Bell Tree Express incident, Sonoko invites Ran, Kogoro, and Conan to a camp site where she is learning tennis, because she got a text from Makoto holding a racquet. Conan, glad to be leaving the Mouri Detective Agency for a spell after learning Amuro is Bourbon (being near him would be awkward now,) finds out he is Sonoko's tennis teacher. Amuro tries to warn Conan that a racquet is about to hit him, but it impacts his head resulting in a concussion. Amuro applies immediate first aid, and Conan recuperates at the cabin of Machi Umejima and her friend Kotone Momozono, the girl whose racquet went flying and hit Conan. As Machi and Kotone treats Conan's party, there is an obvious animosity between Noboru Takanashi and Saburou Ishiguri, two other friends and classmates. It stems from the untimely death of their friend Uriu. When Conan wakes up, he finds the room overwhelmingly hot and Saburou dead from blunt force trauma to his head.

Bourbon Figures it OutEdit


As Conan was about to tranquilize Kogoro, Amuro looked through his lens and asked what was he doing. Conan, not wanting Bourbon to realize who he really is, instead manipulated everyone's attention to the culprit: Kotone Momozono. Kotone hid a spare key to the room in a bottle of a frozen sports drink, had it thaw a bit, then used it to commit the murder. She used the still melting ice of the hard bottle to move his body in front of the door. She did it because Uriu, who was an easily emotional guy, would've been afraid to go in the snow. But Saburou made a joke about the snow Uriu took seriously, and died. At first, Kotone thought Saburou's frantic digging in the snow was from disbelief a friend died. But he was retrieving the scarf Uriu worn, as it was evidence he was forced over and didn't simply jump.

Later that night, Bourbon give Vermouth a call, saying the case was solved but is staying around little longer. When she asks him why, he says the Sleeping Kogoro has caught his interest (while thinking of Conan, hinting he knows Conan is behind the Sleeping Kogoro persona.)






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