Conan and Ayumi

Conan and Ayumi in the episode 12.

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In episode 418, Ayumi mentions a small house for rent in the neighborhood. She says how she likes small houses and that she would love to live in one when she gets married. Mitsuhiko and Genta immediately start fantasizing about each of them being married to Ayumi in front of the small house but, right after, Ayumi asks Conan if he would like to see the house which startles Mitsuhiko and Genta. Ai starts giggling and smiling about it. Conan then looks at Ai with a perplexed look and says: "What is it?". Afterward, while going toward the house, Ayumi tells Conan, who was lagging behind with Ai, to hurry up. This doesn't quite please the other two boys who claim he doesn't need to be there. After reaching the little house, Mitsuhiko and Genta are in awe, and they start fantasizing again. Ayumi eventually asks Conan which kind of house he likes. Mitsuhiko and Genta get mad and want to know why she's asking Conan about it. She replies: "Because, if he's the one that becomes my husband, I would like to know what he likes." At this moment, both Mitsuhiko and Genta's dreams break like shattered glass in the background.

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