Chotto Matte

Shortstories 07 01

Series name: Chotto Matte
Appearance: Debut at the Shönen Sunday Magazine
Pages: 30

Wait for A While in japanese known Chotto Matte (ちょっと まって) is original the verry first manga that Gosho hase written. It is the winning manga for entering the Shönen Sunday Magazine.

Plot Edit

Yutaka is a 15-year old genius that created a strange device that peoples can fly in the sky, but the device is not fully done. It where been known as a time machine, A girl named Mamiko is probably the girlfriend of Yutaka. Yutaka don't wanna be only respected as a child but as a mature, he created the Time Machine to find his older self and sent him to the current life time, but Mamiko where heading in his place with only saying wait...wich that Mamiko dissapeared in a time travel. Current people's are starting to forget Mamiko but Yutaka don't, evenly he must gonna find her quick before his memory's about her erase. Later in the night he make a dat about when she's comming back, around October 24th around 14:42:13. Two years hase been pased and evenly Yutaka hase been forget about Mamiko now, he is dating a other girl. After all that Yutaka is now around 17-years old and is now a man. But later at his home he sees a book with the date that he hase been written October 24th and today at his school it is October 24th. Later the new girlfriend of Yutaka started to say that something happened and evenly Yutaka started to think about Mamiko at that moment, running out the class with saying to his teacher about that something is going happened, evenly the happyiniss on the teacher's face where been appeared and evenly make a warning about the TV Reporters that must gonna come bicause Yutaka got something big in hands. Later at the school yard Yutaka explainds that he's been waiting on his girlfriend wich later the appearance where appeared but then a explosion appeared. Yutaka thinks that she's now death and it is over, Later Mamiko where been appeared that she's where flying with the time machine all the time, with other words she could't not remember that she where gone for two years. Yutaka where starting to smack her and evenly start to yell at her, with that where he never had make the smallest mistake that she where been death right now, and now he's the sempai, later the other girl where gone and evenly later what happens is that she where been happy what for result happens to Yutaka and evenlt later...she where happy that she where waiting for her for a long time.

Series Anime Edit

The series went also in anime but also under the name Chotto Matte. It where been dubbed when Detective Conan where been a hit in Japan. Evenly they where telling exact the same story as that of the anime.

Dubbed Edit

The series where also been appeared in Gosho Aoyama Short Stories (青山剛昌短編集 AOYAMA GOSHO TANPENSHUU) alongside with other short stories that where been created by him. The series is the verry first Gosho Aoyama manga that hase been written and illustrated in Shönen Sunday. It is also the winning manga series that where bring Aoyamam into Shönen Sunday.

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