English name: Chianti
Age: 36



First appearance: Anime: Episode 425
Manga: Chapter 500
Appearances: Episodes: 6
Movies: 1
Chapters: 11
Openings: 6
Keyhole number: Volume 67
Japanese voice: Kikuko Inoue

Chianti (キャンティ Kyanti) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.

Background Edit

Chianti is a new member of the organization first introduced in episode 425 of the anime. She is an assassin skilled with sniper rifles, though not quite a match for FBI agent Shuichi Akai. Her partner is Korn, and the two are often seen together on missions, just as Gin and Vodka are usually seen together. It is implied that she had some sort of relationship with the deceased member, Calvados, whom she blames Vermouth for his death.

Appearance Edit

Chianti seems to be an affectionado of the Goth subculture. She habitually dresses in black leather dresses and collar. Her left eyelid bears the tattoo of a butterfly's wing.

Personality Edit

Chianti is a wild, ruthless assassin who enjoys killing. If bored, she even likes to shoot at innocent bystanders.

Plot overviewEdit

Black ImpactEdit

The Shadow of the Black OrganizationEdit

Clash of Red and BlackEdit

The Crises Beckoned by the Red OmenEdit

Relationships analysisEdit

Black OrganizationEdit


Korn and Chianti are both snipers in the Black Organization. They seem to get along well enough; Chianti confides to Korn she would like to kill Vermouth because she led Calvados to his death.


Vermouth and Chianti are enemies. Chianti hates Vermouth for taking advantage of Calvados' love and getting him killed. Vermouth sometimes taunts Chianti, who does not take it well.


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