Episode 742


Title: Bathroom Where Ran Collapsed As Well
Japanese Title: 蘭も倒れたバスルーム

(Ran mo Taoreta Basurūmu)

Original airdate: May 31, 2014 (Part 1)

June 7, 2014 (Part 2)

Season: 23
Manga source: V81 - F6~8 (856-858)

Conan Edogawa

Ran Mouri
Masumi Sera
Jugo Yokomizo
Eri Kisaki
Ai Haibara
Rei Furuya
Hiroshi Agasa
Suspects: Rumi Kitao, Kenya Settsu, Mitsuaki Kaga
Case solved by:

Shinichi Kudo (via Conan on phone)

Next Conan's Hint:

Wink (Part 1) Takahiro Sanada (Part 2)

Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Yasuyuki Honda
Storyboard: Yasuyuki Honda
Technical Director: 740 Takanori Yano

741 Minoru Tozawa

Animation Director: 740 Seiji Muta (supervisor), Masanori Hashimoto, Akio Kawamura

741 Seiji Muta (supervisor), Keiko Sasaki, Chiemi Hironaka

Prev episode: Kogoro in the Bar
Next episode: Promise with a J-Leaguer




Ran and Conan are waiting to have lunch with Ran's mom, Eri Kisaki, in Nagano. Conan is on the alert, since he knows that the couple that approached him and Jodie was Bourbon and Vermouth in disguise (see Jodie's Memories and the Cherry Blossom Viewing Trap). A camera secretly takes many snapshots of Conan, and the shutter sounds alarms Conan. But the phototaker turns out to be Masumi Sera, who is also there to investigate an adultry case for her fellow high school classmate, Keiko Kitao. She sees if the boyfriend of Rumi's sister, Kenya Settsu, is two-timing her. Sera lets Ran go chat with them to see if Kenya with flirt with her since Sera says Ran is cuter and more stylish. Rumi, Kenya, and Mistuaki are waiting for Waka Hashitani, Kenya's ex-girlfriend. Rumi used to live with Waka so she has her apartment keys, but Rumi goes to Waka's apartment with Ran since Rumi stealed Waka's boyfriend, Waka might hold a grudge against her. Mistuaki has been drinking with Waka the night before, and tells Ran beforehand that she sleeps in weird places like the closet when she's drunk. Ran and Rumi split up to find Waka. Ran finds Waka dead in the bathroom wrapped in a towl and with a facial mask on. Before Ran can tell anyone, she loses consciousness. When Ran awakes, the cops are already investigating the case. Turns out Ran, and  later Rumi, had breathed in Chloroform. Conan and Sera also start investigating the case. During the investigation, Sera secretly makes a phone call to someone and asks if her deduction is right.

Part 2Edit

Sera seems to have figured out the case. She declares Rumi Kitao to be the murderer. Conan realizes her mistake but doesn't have anyone present to tranquilize. He calls Ran as Shinichi and declares Kenya Settsu as the real murderer. After seeing the evidence, he confessed that he murdered Waka so he could date a rich girl. He only dated Rumi so he could frame her for the murder.



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