Ano Kata
English name: That Person
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Date of birth: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
First appearance: Maybe Halfe end Detective Conan
Appearances: Only Sillhuette, not fully known.
Japanese voice: ?

Ano Kata (あの方 ,That Person) is what the Black Organization refer to their boss as. The true identity and gender of "That Person" is still unknown, with only a few insignifigant facts about them revealed in the manga's 15 year (and counting) run.


Fan speculation has led to many theories concerning "That Person"'s identity, ranging from Vodka to Yusaku Kudo to even one of the Detective Boys after having taken APTX 4869. In a "Who is That Person" fan poll in Shonen Sunday, Professor Agasa was ranked the most likely suspect but Gin was voted becuse in Case Closed Poll. He was a most likely important suspect. Gin also mentioned something about Vermouth being his favorite in the organization.

Known LinksEdit

At various of sites that make a doubt about Detective Conan which people say that Professor Agasa is the killer which might be true. Remember the story line of Sherlock Holmes named The Final Problem where he is fighting with Professor Moriarity that must supposed to be the final criminal but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knew Holmes where popular but not that popular as in world wide famous. Professor Agasa can be in the place of Professor Moriarity but there's an error. Gosho Aoyama has said that the name of the boss has been mentioned in one of the chapters....Probably in volume 8 where Ran's idol was probably the killer and evenly talked about to Shinichi of what if Professor Agasa is the killer. Not fully known is that the boss's favorite is Vermouth and evenly considered that it is a man, can also be her aunt or mother. That Person can be anyone but it is been mostly considered as Professor Agasa.

Gosho Aoyama says "that person" isn't professor Agasa.

References Edit

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