Japanese name: 世良 真純
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
First appearance: Manga: File 1
Appearances: Chapters:
Keyhole number:
Japanese voice:

Aiko is a character from Detective Conan and a suspect of a murder occur in Tropical Land.

Some time before the series, she met Hitomi and her then boyfriend Kishida. Kishida have dumped Hitomi for Aiko which the two have start dating each other. Known is during their date, Kishida gave Aiko the same necklace he gave to Hitomi.

Aiko was first seen with her then boyfriend Kishida, after that Kishida was shouting to Shinichi. She and Kishida were then been seen kissing each other and later entered the roller coaster. After that Kishida has been decapitated during the roller coaster ride, the police arrived after Kishida's brutal death. Aiko soon got the blame after that a knife was found in her bag which she denies that she has something to do with it. After that Shinichi has revealed that Hitomi was the one who have murdered Kishida, Hitomi revealed why she did it, leaving Aiko in tears.

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